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Dr. Holland's Grand London Adventure!

As many of you know if you tried to call the clinic during the holidays, I went with my daughter and the Edmond North Orchestra to London to participate in the London New Years Day Extravaganza. The orchestras from all Edmond high schools gave a concert in Cadogan Hall where the London Philharmonic Orchestra plays, and pictured below is the entire orchestra group. If you are wanting to watch the concert, you can see the video HERE.

Edmond Public Schools Orchestra performing

Here is the entrance to Westminster Abbey. We actually got to attend church here on Sunday morning, which was terribly exciting!

Westminster Cathedral

Here is the abbey from the side. This is where they go in during royal weddings.

Westminster Cathedral

The Tower of London is seen below, and we got to see the Crown Jewels while we were there. Too bad we couldn't bring them home!

Tower of London
Prime Meridian
Me standing on both sides of the world at the prime meridian

The Prime Meridian is located in Greenwich, and I have a foot in 2 different days, and on both sides of the world.

Here is my daughter, Betsy, outside of Buckingham Palace.

Betsy at Buckingham Palace

Here is the Shrek Museum. The building is incredible, and the Eye of London can be seen to the left of the picture.

Shrek Museum and the Eye of London

The picture 2 below is of Queen Victoria standing outside of St. Paul's Cathedral, which was designed by Sir Christopher Wren (I got married in a Sir Christopher Wren church in Fulton, MO). Queen Victoria came to St. Paul's to celebrate the anniversary of her 60th year ascension. This was as far as she was able to make it, not wanting to climb the stairs to the cathedral.

Where Queen Victoria stopped outside the church at the 60th anniversary of her accession
Queen Victoria

Here is a night view of Big Ben under construction.

Big Ben at night (under construction)

High Tea at Herrod's was definitely a highlight of the trip!

The Tea Room at Harrods

And finally, here is a clip from the New Years Day Parade that the Edmond high school students got to participate in. What a wonderful experience for them to have!

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