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So, today’s blog is all about me, I guess. Me, meaning Camille Ann Fulton. My middle name comes from my Grandmother who is great with advice and a mean mess of Thanksgiving dressing (my favorite)! My first name was supposed to be Avery, as I was predicted to be a boy. The name Camille, yes, came from a baby name book, but my Dad sometimes claims I was named after Hurricane Camille that formed in the Gulf of Mexico in 1969, the year my Dad was born. I’ll own it!


I was born into farm and ranch life. My Grandfather started Fulton Farms and my Dad since took it over. I don’t spend as much time there as I ought to. It is one of those places that I love, that when I need a place to go, it’s there. I know every acre of it like the back of my hand from many childhood explorations. My sister, Clarissa, and I spent many a summer, and every other break working.

Clarissa's wedding

We went on vacations every once in awhile, but we learned the importance of hard work, the value of a dollar, and how to care for animals.


My Mom taught me how to cook and bake. I spent one summer making pie after pie from apricot to cherry. Today I still love baking pies and cheesecakes.

Pies and Cheesecake

I spent all of my middle school and high school years either sketching or reading. I like to joke that I learned my directions in Chickasha from the knowledge of the location of the public library. When I have the time these days I enjoy a good romantic mystery. However, more often than not I can be found reading a veterinary magazine. Veterinary Medicine is where my real passion lies. Below is a small example of my home book collection.

Camille's collection of books

I was introduced to Veterinary Medicine in 2007 when I took a position as a Kennel Assistant at Cimmaron Veterinary Services. At the time I had no idea where that would lead me. I absolutely loved working there and all the things that I learned. However, when I went off to Stillwater to attend my freshman year of college, I thought I wanted to be an Interior Designer (GASP). I was thinking that I wanted to help decorate houses and leave country life for the city. How wrong I was. During my first year of interior design classes, I also began working at Baker Animal Clinic, initially as a Receptionist followed by Veterinary Assistant.

Camille holding a cat

Sometime during my second year of classes, I realized just how much I loved Vet Med, and I switched my major to Animal Science and added in some business classes. I will never regret those wasted classes, as I enjoyed learning art, and I made my very best friends. Our 10-year friendiversary is this year.

After spending a few great years at Baker Animal Clinic, I then went to work at The Tick Research Station at OSU. There I gained knowledge of rearing ticks for scientific study, and husbandry of both rabbits and sheep. I can’t forget Archie, the resident llama.

Archie, the resident Llama

Following graduation, I had already decided I didn’t want to go ahead with Veterinary School but was thinking of gaining my degree and subsequent license in Veterinary Technology. I moved to Yukon and spent four years working at Yukon Hills Animal Hospital. While there, I decided I enjoyed learning management and marketing. I one day hope to achieve becoming a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager, but I decided to learn more on the medical side of veterinary medicine first.

Yukon Hills Animal Hospital

While in Yukon, I rescued my cat from the Safe Haven Rescue one day when exploring PetSmart. Yes, I just explore PetSmart for the fun of it! His name is Mr. Darcy, named after the character by the same name in my favorite classic novel, Pride and Prejudice. He is two and a half years old, a flame point Ragdoll, and gives me daily laughs.

Mr. Darcy, the cat

Which brings us to today, I joined Holland’s Veterinary Referral Hospital’s wonderful team in August to both further my knowledge and help even more furry patients. In honor of National Veterinary Technician Week, I want to give a shout out to all other RVTs, LVTs, and CVTs; don’t forget you are awesome!

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