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The Amber Show

Hello folks, welcome to the Amber Show, where we talk about little to nothing at all, and yet still have a perfectly grand conversation. You’re here to get to know me, lucky dog you.

I will start off by saying yesterday was National Taco Day. It is one of my favorite holidays because it celebrates my favorite food: TACOS. I love any and all kinds of tacos, fish tacos, shrimp tacos, chicken tacos, pork tacos, deer tacos, spicy tacos, ice cream tacos, taco soup, taco salad. You name it, I'm there for it.

So, I hope you all celebrated National Taco Day properly.

As you can probably tell, I love to be goofy. My kids will tell you that 90% of what I do is a joke or just me being sarcastic. I embarrass my kids on a daily basis. I'm the mom you see rolling up to the school blaring some crazy song dancing away as my kids try to hide while getting in my car. That's right, I’m THAT mom. I can be serious, but I just feel that life already is hard. Why dwell on the bad if life gets you down? Smile and do a little dance, and eat yourself some tacos. It will be worth it and life will get better.

In my spare time, I adore reading, and I will read anything that is put in front of me. It's my favorite pastime. Books open up new doors and take your mind to knew and fascinating places. I try to get as many people to read as possible, and if I know when your birthday is chances are you’re going to be getting books I have read or have heard about and know you will like.

Most of you, if not all, have visited the HVRH website and have probably seen my short bio on the there. So, you know I also enjoy my farm animals and gardening. My family owned a dairy farm growing up, and it was always my happy place. I may not live on the family farm, but I wanted my kids to have a small taste of what it's like to live so simply. I try my hardest to instill in them that nothing is free and someone has to work for everything you want. While some just go to the store to buy their food, someone out there is working to put that food in the grocery store. I hope they take what they are learning and use it when they are older, but if not, at least they know how hard it is for someone out there to work for the food they put on their table. Here is a photo of my little slice of heaven.

My daughter loves animals and plans to be a veterinarian when she is older. She has had this dream for years now. We couldn't be prouder. She is still only in middle school, and math is hard, but we are working on it, and she wants to work on it because she knows what she wants in life and is willing to work towards her goal. She is actively involved in 4H and loves to sew and do community service. If you visit the 4H extension office here in OKC, you will see some of her hard work in the plants that are planted outside their new building.

My son is still finding his way. He changes his goal on what he wants to be almost daily. But boy, is he a smarty. He loves science and, well, video games, but what little boy doesn't? He will talk your ear off about video games and Marvel comics if you let him, and let's face it, I'm ok with that. My inner nerd loves talking comics. He is also actively involved in 4H, and his major project categories are woodworking and Lego robotics. This will be his first year that he is old enough to join the Lego robotics team, and we are overjoyed. He hates his picture taken, so I have to sneak my photos of him. Shh, don't tell him.

I have been married for what feels like ages now. My husband and I where high school sweethearts, and I couldn't picture my life without him. He is my best friend and confidant. As well as my biggest supporter. He pushes me to be whatever I want to be. I have always wanted to be around animals, and he pushed me out of my comfort zone to apply for my job at Acme about 4 years ago with the wonderful and amazing Dr. Kelley. I owe alot of my hard work and drive to be the best that I can be to Dr. Kelley. In return it has now brought me here to work with Dr. Holland and the wonderful ladies here at HVRH. We owe it all to him, because none of this would have been accomplished if he didn't believe in me. So, let’s give that man a round of applause.

Because of him, my family has had the joy of living abroad. He was active duty Air Force, and is a disabled veteran. We lived in England for 3 years. My son was born there in 2007.

The military has done a lot for our family, and we are proud supporters. My husband can often be found on veteran hunting and fishing trips to keep the band of brotherhood strong, and he has met several lasting friendships because of this. We spend a lot of time outside hiking, fishing, camping and hunting. One of our favorite places to go fishing and hiking is in the Wichita Mountains.

It is truly breathtaking. The views, the wildlife. It is all absolutely stunning. If you have not been, I highly recommend it.

I have adopted/rescued several dogs throughout the years, but I have 3 at this time. I have an Australian Shepard mix named Harley; she is 6. A pit bull named Brawny; he is 4. And the spoiled brat baby that is a healer mix named Gator; he is a year old.

They are my other children and they know it. The boys like to take advantage of my loving nature and they are definitely spoiled. Harley, my girl, while being the oldest can hold grudges like no other dog I have met. She will let you know you have not pleased her royal highness, and she puts the boys in their place 90% of the time. I have a soft spot for troubled-soul dogs. The ones everyone says will never find a home or do not belong in a home. Brawny is our second troubled soul. Our first was a beautiful girl named Ally who just crossed that rainbow bridge earlier this year.

Dogs are just like children, some need that extra bit of love because they never received it at a young tender age. And while they may have fears and trigger points, they still need a home that accepts the flaws and wants to love and help them.

I'm so happy you joined me in the random walk down Amber lane, drive, highway (I don't know, you choose one). It has been an adventure getting here, and I cannot wait to see what more adventures I have in store for me. While I would like to say we will talk again, I'm not sure they will want my rambling to be a common occurrence on this blog. But stop in say hello, I'm always around. Bring my your furball and your four-legged children, and I will spoil them and send them home just like a proper aunt should do. I'm always up for giving cookies.

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